Tax mitigation

From a detailed understanding of your affairs we can offer advice on tax efficient solutions in both business and personal areas.

Business and corporate tax

We relieve you of the administrative burden in complying with tax legislation and help you minimise your corporation tax payments. We deal with all business tax matters, including preparing income/corporation tax computations and submitting the relevant self-assessment returns.

Specific areas in which we can help and add value are:

  • Most appropriate business structure of new ventures and existing interests
  • Share option schemes
  • Succession, retirement or exit planning

Personal tax (including inheritance and capital gains tax)

A key service we offer to personal tax clients is in the area of taxation planning, aimed at minimising your future tax liabilities. In addition to providing the normal compliance services including Self Assessment Returns, we can offer advice on: inheritance tax, capital gains tax, benefits in kind, employee pay schemes and the use of trusts.

Value added tax

VAT (Value added tax) is one of the most complex taxes imposed on businesses and one that many businesses inadvertently overpay or underpay. With a constant stream of detailed changes to the regulations, businesses can find it difficult to ensure they comply.

We provide a cost effective VAT service and work with a wide variety of businesses, providing varying levels of support from general advice to VAT return completion. We have helped many of our clients to reduce VAT assessments and minimise their VAT liabilities.


Our dedicated payroll department can provide weekly or monthly payroll services, dealing with PAYE, NIC, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, student loans and working family credits. We also deal with RTI (Real Time Information) and auto enrolment within payroll operations.

Specialist advice

We provide specialist advice and professional support to businesses in various areas such as companies applying for R&D tax credits or implementing tax efficient employment remuneration packages.